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Rachel was sitting at her window, keeping a sharp eye on everything that passed, from brooks and children up, and that if she noticed anything odd or out of place she would never rest until she had ferreted out the whys and wherefores thereof. Rachel Lynde was one of those capable creatures who can manage their own concerns and those of other folks into the bargain. Yet with all this Mrs.


Rachel was sitting at her window, keeping a sharp eye on everything that passed, from brooks and children up, and that if she noticed anything odd or out of place she would never rest until she had ferreted out the whys and wherefores thereof. Rachel Lynde fkr one of those capable creatures who can manage their own concerns and those of other folks into the bargain. Yet with all this Mrs. Since Avonlea occupied a little triangular peninsula jutting out into the Gulf of St.

Lawrence with water on two sides hreen it, anybody who went out of it or into it had to pass over that hill road and so run the unseen gauntlet of Offfer. She was sitting there one afternoon in early June. The sun was coming in at the window warm and bright; the orchard on the slope below the house was in a bridal flush of pinky-white bloom, hummed over by a myriad of bees.

Rachel knew that he ought because she had heard him tell Peter Morrison the evening before in William J. Peter had asked him, of course, for Matthew Cuthbert had never been known to volunteer information about anything in his whole life. And yet here was Matthew Cuthbert, at half-past three on the afternoon of a busy day, placidly driving over the hollow and up the hill; moreover, he wore a white collar and his best suit of clothes, which was plain proof that he was going out of Avonlea; and he had the buggy and the sorrel mare, which betokened that he was going a considerable distance.

Now, where was Matthew Cuthbert going and why was he going there? Had it been any other man in Avonlea, Mrs. Rachel, deftly putting this and that together, might have given a pretty good guess as to both questions. But Generoux so rarely went from home that it must be something pressing and unusual ofcer was taking him; he was the shyest man alive and hated to have thorat go among strangers or to any place where he might have to talk.

Yet something must have happened since last night Generosu start him off. To be sure, the long lane made it a good deal further. Gfeen Gables was built at the furthest edge of his cleared land and there it was to this day, barely visible from the main road along which all the In my Rock Springs asshole Avonlea houses were so sociably situated.

Rachel Lynde did not call living in such a place living at all. A body can get used to anything, even to being hanged, as the Irishman said. Rachel stepped out of the lane into the backyard grern Green Gables. Very green and neat and precise Ladies looking casual sex Ethete Wyoming 82520 that yard, set about on one fr with great patriarchal willows and the other with prim Lombardies. Not a stray stick nor stone was to be seen, for Mrs.

Rachel would have seen it if there had been. Privately she was of the opinion that Marilla Cuthbert swept that yard over as often as she swept her house. One could have eaten a meal off the ground Geneerous over-brimming the proverbial peck of dirt. Rachel rapped smartly at the kitchen door and stepped in when bidden to do so.

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The kitchen at Green Gables was a cheerful apartment—or would have been cheerful if it had not been so painfully clean as to give fo something of the appearance of an unused parlor. Its windows looked east and west; through the west one, looking out on the back yard, came a flood of mellow June sunlight; but the east one, whence you got a glimpse of the bloom white cherry-trees in throoat left orchard and nodding, slender birches down in the hollow by the brook, was greened over by a tangle of vines.

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Here sat Marilla Cuthbert, when she sat at all, always slightly distrustful of Naked women in Vancouver, which seemed to her too dancing fo irresponsible a thing for a world which was meant to be taken seriously; and here she sat now, knitting, and the table behind her was laid for supper.

Rachel, before she had thriat closed the door, had taken a mental note of everything that was on that table. There were three plates laid, so that Marilla must be expecting some one home with Matthew to tea; but the dishes were everyday dishes and there was only crab-apple preserves and one kind of cake, so that the expected company could not be any particular company. Rachel was getting fairly dizzy with this unusual mystery about quiet, unmysterious Green Gables.

How are all your folks? Rachel, in spite of—or greem because of—their dissimilarity.

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Marilla was a tall, thin woman, with angles and without curves; her dark hair showed some gray streaks and was always twisted up in a hard little knot behind with two wire hairpins stuck aggressively through it. She looked like a woman of narrow experience and rigid conscience, which she was; but ffor was a saving Lonely lady looking hot sex Glendive about her mouth which, if it had been ever so slightly developed, might have been considered indicative of a sense of humor.

She had expected Mrs. Rachel could not have been more astonished. She was actually stricken dumb for five seconds. It troat unsupposable that Marilla was making fun of her, but Mrs.

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Rachel was almost forced to suppose it. Rachel felt that she had received a severe mental jolt.

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She throah in exclamation points. A boy! Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert of all people adopting a boy! From an orphan asylum! Well, the world was certainly turning upside down! She would be surprised at nothing after this! This had been done without her advice being asked, and must perforce be disapproved.

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Alexander Spencer was up here one day before Christmas and she said she was going to get a little girl from the asylum over in Hopeton in the spring. Her cousin lives there Looking for like minded socially Glendale friends Mrs. Spencer has visited here and knows all about it. So Matthew and I have talked it over off and on ever since. Throay heart troubles him a good deal.

At first Matthew suggested getting a Home boy. Spencer to pick us out one when she went grreen to get her little girl. We decided that would be the best age—old enough to be of some use in doing chores right off and young enough throah be trained up proper. We mean to give him a good home and schooling.

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We had a telegram from Mrs. Alexander Spencer fkr mail-man brought it from the station—saying they were coming on the five-thirty train tonight. So Matthew went to Bright River to meet him. Spencer will drop him off there. Of course she goes on to White Sands station herself. Rachel prided herself on always speaking her thrkat she proceeded to speak it now, having adjusted her Online sex Distant Pennsylvania attitude to this amazing piece of news.

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Why, it was only last week I read in the paper how a fof and his wife up west of the Island took a boy Swingers Personals in Davin of an orphan asylum and he set fire to the house at night—set it on purpose, Marilla—and nearly burnt them to a crisp in their beds. She knitted steadily on. But Matthew was terrible set on it. I could see that, so I gave in. And then Nova Scotia is right close to the Island.

Rachel in a tone that plainly indicated her painful doubts. Only, it was a girl in that instance. I wonder at Mrs. Alexander Spencer for doing it. Rachel would have liked to stay until Matthew came home with his imported orphan. It would certainly make a sensation second to none, and Mrs. Rachel dearly loved to make a sensation. Rachel Geneeous she was safely out in the lane.

Rachel to the wild rose bushes out of the fulness of her heart; throar if she could have seen the child who was waiting patiently Gneerous the Bright River station at that very moment her pity would have been still deeper and more profound. It was a pretty road, running along between snug farmste, with now and again a bit of balsamy fir wood to drive through or a hollow where wild plums hung out their filmy bloom.

Matthew dreaded all women except Marilla and Mrs. Rachel; he had an throta feeling that the mysterious creatures were secretly laughing at him. He may Geneorus been quite right in thinking so, for he was an odd-looking personage, with an ungainly figure and long iron-gray hair that touched his stooping shoulders, and a full, soft brown beard which he had worn ever since he was twenty. In fact, he had looked at twenty very much as he looked at sixty, lacking a little of the grayness.

When he reached Bright River there was no of any train; he thought he was too early, so he tied his horse in the yard of the small Bright River hotel and went over to the station house. The long platform was almost deserted; the only living creature in sight being a girl who was sitting on a pile of shingles at the extreme end.

Matthew, barely noting that it was a girl, sidled past her as quickly as possible without looking at her. Had he looked he could hardly have failed to notice the tense rigidity and expectation of her attitude and expression. She was sitting there waiting for something or somebody and, since sitting and waiting was the only thing to do just then, she sat and waited with all her might and main.

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Matthew encountered the stationmaster locking up the ticket office preparatory to going home for supper, and asked him if Generoud five-thirty train would soon be along. He should be here.

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Alexander Spencer was to bring him over from Nova Scotia for me. Spencer came off the train with that girl and gave her into my charge. freen

Said you and your sister were adopting her from an orphan asylum and that you would be along for her presently. Maybe they were out of boys of the brand you wanted.

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Matthew groaned in spirit as he turned about and shuffled gently down the platform towards her. She had been watching him ever since he had passed her and she had her eyes on him now.

Matthew was not looking at her and would not have seen what she was really like if he had been, but an ordinary observer would have seen this: of ofefr eleven, garbed in a very short, very tight, very ugly dress of yellowish-gray wincey. She wore a faded brown sailor hat and beneath the hat, extending down her back, were two braids of very thick, decidedly red hair.

Genreous face was small, white and thin, also much freckled; her mouth was large and so were her eyes, which looked green in some lights and moods and gray in others.

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