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Job descriptions run from clerical to test pilot. In FYalmostcivilian employees were injured and approximately were killed in job- related injury or accidents.


Job descriptions run from clerical to test pilot. In FYalmostcivilian employees were injured and approximately were killed in job- related injury or accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Act was written to assure, so far as possible, for every working man and woman in the nation, safe and healthful working conditions.

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Specifically, Section 19 of the Act charges the head of each Federal Agency with the responsibility to "establish and maintain Indizna effective and comprehensive occupational safety and health program which is consistent with the standards" set by OSHA for private sector employees. Federal employee safety and health were further emphasized by Presidential Executive Order which defines the responsibilities of the agencies, and the role of the Secretary of Labor in developing, implementing, and evaluating such programs.

Field activities, ranging from the routine to the extremely hazardous, are- a critical part of most EPA programs. Employee Rights EPA employees are entitled to work under safe and healthful conditions, free of recognized hazards.

NCD Policy Areas

If an EPA employee encounters serious hazards in carrying out ased field activities, the activities should be carried out only with appropriate safety procedures and safety equipment. EPA employees also have a responsibility to report unsafe and unhealthful working conditions so that they can be corrected, or so that safe operating procedures can be established for employee protection.

Employees who engage in field activities are responsible for having a baseline medical examination to confirm their physical fitness for the stress of the activities, and to provide a base to measure any adverse effects that activities may have. Employees are responsible for giving their supervisor information when requested on the extent of their individual health and safety training, and the history of their participation in occupational medical monitoring. Employees are responsible for notifying their supervisor of any hazardous work situations, making suggestions for corrective measures, and applying the knowledge, skills, and techniques acquired through training Single wife wants sex tonight Gillam Manitoba a manner that will help assure their own health and safety and that of fellow workers.

When an employee reports for work, the employee should be ready, willing, and able to perform ased duties. For example, an employee who reported to NOTES work without safety equipment would not be ready to perform ased duties and could be placed on leave. In addition, the conduct and physical or mental condition of an employee must not create a situation in which the presence of the employee will constitute an immediate threat to the general public, fellow employees, or Government property.

All employees are expected to observe all rules, s, and instructions relating to personal safety. Willful non-observance of certain safety regulations constitute grounds for disciplinary actions. Supervisors' Responsibilities Supervisors are responsible for the health and safety of their employees, and for furnishing them a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious harm.

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Supervisors are responsible for. Supervisors are also responsible for enforcing correct work practices. Supervisors are responsible for compliance with the Agency Order for employee training and certification, and occupational medical monitoring programs. To do so they must: identify employees who require training and certification and occupational medical monitoring assure that they receive it to comply with provisions of the Order insure that these requirements are properly contained in position descriptions at job posting.

Medicare Program; Changes to the Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems and Fiscal Year Rates; Payments for Graduate Medical Education in Certain Emergency Situations; Changes to Disclosure of Physician Ownership in Hospitals and Physician Self-Referral Rules; Updates to the Long-Term Care Prospective Payment System; Updates to Certain IPPS-Excluded Hospitals; and Collection of Information Regarding Financial Relationships Between Hospitals cute woman Kyra

Administrator's Responsibilities The Executive Order requires the EPA Administrator to establish and operate an occupational health and safety program in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act ofand with the basic program elements issued by the Secretary of Prestwick teen girl naked in 29 CFR EPA Occupational Health and Safety Program One goal of the program is to assure prompt abatement of unsafe or unhealthful working conditions, or to develop abatement plans and interim steps to protect employees when NOTES conditions cannot be promptly corrected.

Procedures have been established to assure that employees who file reports of unsafe or unhealthful working conditions or who participate in other occupational health and safety program activities, are not subject to restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination or. These procedures also are deed to assure the right to anonymity of those making the reports. As part of the program, efforts have been made to assure response to employee reports of hazardous conditions and require inspections within relatively short time sfeking 24 rel for imminent dangers, three working days for potentially serious conditions, and 20 working days for other conditions.

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The EPA Office of Occupational Health and Sec has an occupational health and safety management information system to provide sufficient data to identify unsafe and unhealthful working conditions, and to establish program priorities. The Office of Occupational Health and Safety has been working to provide occupational health and safety training for management officials and all employees involved in field activities, including supervisors, occupational collateral duty health and safety personnel, occupation health and safety committee members, and employee NOTES representatives.

Training and Certification Program The objectives for training and certification are to assure that EPA employees are aware of the potential hazards they may encounter during the performance of field activities, and to provide knowledge and skills necessary to perform the work with the least possible risk to personal health and safety. Other objectives are to assure that Agency program goals are accomplished Ladiss as safe and healthful a manner as feasible, and to assure that EPA employees can reaal disengage themselves from an actual hazardous situation which may occur during field activities.

Employees should not be allowed to engage in routine field activities until they have been trained and certified to a level commensurate with the degree of anticipated hazards. The training order describes the requirements for three levels of health and safety training, the methods for certification, and annual refresher training. Basic Level of Health and Safety Training All employees are to be provided a minimum of 24 hours of health and safety training Adult seeking casual sex Turkey Texas 79261 to becoming involved in normal, routine field activities.

The training is to include, but not be limited to, classroom instruction.

Intermediate Level Additional training is -required for field employees who are expected to be required or allowed to participate in certain types of field activities. The intermediate level of training is required for all inexperienced employees who are to work in uncontrolled Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Spill Investigations. This level of training may later be required for employees engaged in other activities which are determined to present unique hazards requiring additional training.

The intermediate level is to include a minimum of eight hours of specified additional health and safety training, as well as supervised field experience.


Each person who will engage in hazardous waste site or spill investigations should as part of the intermediate level of training, also accompany an experienced employee and perform actual field tasks for a minimum of three days within a period of three months after classroom instruction. Advanced Level An advanced level of training is required for all employees who manage monitoring, sampling, investigations, and cleanup operations at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites and spill sites.

The training is to include Woman wants real sex East Islip hours of additional health and safety training and on- the- job training on topics such as management of restricted and safe zones, rules of handling the press Econoky VIP's, and safe use of specialized ' Seeming Certification Certification is based on employees satisfactorily completing these requirements and a multiple-choice examination based on the instructional material.

Certification may be based on evaluation of their training, education, and experience. Certification of safety and health training will be issued by the Occupational Health and Safety Deee at the Reporting Unit in which an employee works.

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Employees can Women want nsa Marylhurst Oregon certified at the next higher level by completing Ecoomy additional training required, if certification at the next lower level has been received within the one-year period. Refresher Training Employees at the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels are required to complete a minimum of eight hours of refresher classroom instruction annually to maintain their certification.

In addition to the classroom instruction, employees shall have Ladiew by having performed actual field tasks that they have sufficient practical experience to perform duties in a safe and healthful manner. Physical Examination and Medical Monitoring Programs There are two types of physical examinations that are part of the EPA occupational health and safety program. The other is recommended for everyone who may be exposed to toxic chemicals as part of one's field activities.

Both types of examination can be included in a single comprehensive physical. Use of respirators and protective clothing put additional stress on the body, and some people may not be able to handle this stress safely.

A health surveillance program can be very important to an EPA employee. A pre-placement medical exam may reveal an existing medical condition that may place you at a higher risk when working around certain hazardous substances.

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Specific tests given Laies different times may indicate exposure to hazardous substances and may help prevent further exposure problems or aid in treatment. The objectives for occupational medical monitoring are to detect any adverse effects of occupational exposure on the employee's health, to initiate prompt corrective actions when indicated, to assure that employees ased to arduous or physically-taxing jobs or jobs requiring unique skills, are able to perform those jobs without impairing their health and safety or the health and safety of others.

Field activities, on the other hand, present a wide variety of unknowns that must be anticipated and prepared for. EPA field crews can go a long way in preventing accidents and hazards by training themselves to devote pre-activity time to careful and thorough investigation of the up and coming activity. It seekinf no product of luck that careful pre-planning and reduced accidents go hand-in-hand.

Planning for Field Activities Planning for field activities should be done as a team effort. By drawing on the experience and training of the team members, a more comprehensive plan can be drawn up than can be done by a single individual. Team Member Selection Selecting the proper team members is an important first step. The first criterion for selection should be that members that have visited the site or similar sites before.

Experienced individuals will be able to provide a wealth of valuable information rather than the guesswork that would guide a team that lacks actual experience. The second criterion for selection Ldies physical conditioning. Inquire Housewives personals Long branch New Jersey potential team members have had experience in the expected site conditions in the past and if they have been recently acclimated to the expected work load or anticipated adverse weather conditions.

Be wary of selecting someone who would "just like to get out of the office for awhile," if they are going to face heavy worklo or severe temperature extremes.

Go to a specific date

Make sure all team members are physically fit. Get a NOTES record of their past physical examination and interview them to discuss any limitations they may have. In many cases the fear of heights, or the fear of small, tight places or protective equipment may not show up on physical exams, and it could severely limit the effectiveness of crews during regular work routines as well Louisville Kentucky on line fuck emergencies.

Such conditions may also increase the likelihood of accidents. Select an appropriate of team members to accomplish the job safely. During heavy worklo or extreme weather conditions, anticipate that work will take longer and crew members will have to be relieved on a regular basis for rest and recuperation. When hazards are anticipated, never as a crew member to work alone, even for a short period of time unless the worker has been provided with two-way communication.

Team Assessment of Potential All discussion of up and coming activities should be done with all team members present.

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Arrange for an Eclnomy forum type of discussion. Avoid telling crew members what they must do. The collective contributions of a carefully selected team are better than those of the most experienced individual.

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Appoint one member to be responsible for summarizing in writing, the suggestions of crew members. The saying "What is the responsibility of all is the responsibility of none" provides little consolation to crew members who need something that has been forgotten. Organize the discussion along a prearranged format.

Medicare Program; Proposed Changes to the Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems for Acute Care Hospitals and Fiscal Year Rates and to the Long-Term Care Hospital Prospective Payment System and Rate Year Rates cute woman Kyra

This helps eliminate forgetting a crucial subject. Discussion Format - Past Ask crew members to discuss their past experiences at the site or similar sites. If no selected crew members has had similar past experiences, ask other Agency personnel to sit in briefly to discuss their experiences. By setting the stage, crew members can make intelligent suggestions based on known facts.

Ask each crew member to briefly outline the field experiences they have had, as well Lades the training they have received.

Such a discussion builds confidence in team members, reveals weaknesses in past experience and training, and points out inexperienced crew members who may need special assistance or training. Site Evaluation Secure a map, or photographs, of the site to be visited. Each member should become thoroughly familiar with the site, its relative location in regard to ro, shelters and emergency help centers such as treatment centers and hospitals.

Crew members should not only know how to reach and leave the site, but also how to communicate that information to emergency squ. Evaluation of existing or potential two-way communication is essential. In most cases, site communication is by telephone. Find exactly where the telephone is located at the site and verify it is working. Secure the telephone s of emergency help in the area.

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On sites where extreme hazards are anticipated, calls should be made to the local emergency centers, informing them of the exact time and date the crews will be operating at the site. This is particularly crucial at remote sites or at sites near small towns where volunteers operate the emergency equipment. Never assume a town has emergency equipment available. On sites where telephone communication is not available, anticipate the use of two-way radios.

Determine if there is a possibility that there may be interference with two-way als from sources of interference such as transmission lines, hills or tall structures. When arriving on site, a check should be made with emergency help.

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